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"Living Dangerously" The Book

"Living Dangerously"
Rafael Reyes
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Product Details Paperback: 85 pages

Publisher: Self / Independent
New edition (September 2011)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 7 x 10 x .25 inches
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“A call to all pigs, bureaucrats, self-proclaimed heroes, chumps, poseurs; this is a glimpse into a mind that was born into a culture which is part of a systematic struggle for life. A life of crime lived by an artist, for the sheer fact that the opposite of love is not hate... it´s apathy. Rafael Reyes tells a story lived from the other side.”
~ Justin Pearson (The Locust, Author)

“An introduction to an underground sub-culture of street violence through a fellatious experience of real life graffiti art. A man tormented by his duality, his choices in life and the affects on his family. He knows that he can be more than the product of his environment, but continues on the dangerous path.”
~ Spider (DDCFC)

“Raw, raunchy, hilarious, daring, critical and revealing collection of stories punching you in the face with amazing art to match it all. The message? To survive with loyalty, discipline and knowledge, because that is what they'll do until their very last day.”
~ Acamonchi (Artist

“Rafael, I did read your book and loved the story. It's intense, honest, real and kicks you in the butt! It shows the real behind the scenes loyalties and strong sense of brotherly connection. Your work reminds me of the intense poetry of Jimmy Santiago Baca, a Chicano poet I met from Arizona who spent 20 years in prison and learned to write poetry in isolation. The dude now travels all around the US reading to packed houses.You are one talented dude Rafa! I strongly recommend you should continue writing.

After reading it I had a concern because of the nature of the people I'm associated with. I speak all around the country and overseas to children, teachers and librarians (not your wildest bunch); and endorsing this honest, intense adult story. As ridiculous as it may be, it might compromise me. I hate how people can make stupid connections, but I have heard of friends that lost some endorsements and job opportunities because of situations like this one. I love you as a brother and you´re fucking talented too! But I need to think of providing for my son in this unpredictable economy and not put myself in a situation where someone can read things the wrong way.

I hope you understand hermano that I'm unable to endorse it ... I love your work but people tweet, facebook and google the shit out me all the time ...

Saludos hermano and with deepest regrets.”
~ Anonymous

“The Catcher in The Rye´ for the 21st Century.”
~ Solid (DDCFC)

Includes artwork by:
Taren Meacham, Troy Boy, Sergio Hernandez, Rob Benavidez, Jackie Dunn-Smith, Cheryl Chaos, Sandro Garcia, Hebrewlistick, Chris Bieck, Thor, Roten, Dan Pryor, Baby Boy, Ian McFadden

Photos by:
Leafar Seyer, Havok, Vandit, Larry, Robert Pardue, Wish

Edited by:
Danny Infinite, Alex Kogan, Ryan Springer

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